Generated for this tunequest article. Analysis of an iTunes smart playlist: genre contains rock.

Music Library Summary
    generated by the Super Analyzer by nosleep software

Track Count: 4,979 total tracks
Play Count: 16,505 tracks played
Total Time: 2.1 weeks of music
Total Play Time: 7.0 weeks playing
Artist Count: 194 total artists
Album Count: 642 different albums
Genre Count: 93 genres
Average Play Count: 3.3 plays per song
Most Songs Played At: 5:00 pm
Average Track Length: 4.2 minutes
Album Completeness: 149.2 % complete
Complete Albums: 0.2 % are complete
Average Bit Rate: 166.7 kbps

Simple Statistics
These are some simple textual stats about your overall music collection.

How Much You Like What You Play
This graph shows how your album play counts vary with their rating. If you listen to albums with a range of different ratings, the points will be scattered evenly throughout the graph. If you listen to mostly highly rated albums, then you will get a cluster toward the top-right. Albums with more than half the tracks missing were not included in the graph. Points are colored by genre.

When Your Music Was Released
This line graph shows how many songs in your collection were released each year. The green line shows how much you play tracks released each year, and the blue line shows how many tracks you have that were released each year.Track counts are along the vertical axis, and release years are along the horizontal axis. The year range covers all years included in your library.

Listening Times
This shows how many tracks you last listened to during each hour of the day. It can give you an idea of what time of day you listen to your music the most.

How Much You Like It
This histogram shows how many tracks you have for each of the 5 star ratings. It can give you an idea of how much you like the music that you have.

Genre Distribution
This histogram shows how many songs you have in each of your genres. It can give you an idea of how diverse your music collection is.Track counts are along the vertical axis, and each genre is listed along the horizontal axis.

updated on 03/18/07