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So the tunequest is now powered by a new 5.5th generation iPod (80GB). His name is "Gustav" (after Mahler and Holst); let’s all give him a warm welcome.

At long last, I can fit all my remaining tracks in my pocket, none of that "2000 songs sorted alphabetically by album" crap. That’s pretty awesome. However, I’m slightly dismayed that I still can’t take my entire library with me on the road. Due to the usual hard disk conventions, that 80GB HD actually holds 74.44GB of space. My library currently measures at 75.36GB.

C’est la vie (say the old folks). It’s just as well I suppose. That’s honestly too much music to have to deal with at one time (but it is great for shuffling). Plus, I do plan on making full use of its video functions, which will certainly require much space.

In that photo above, you’ll see my iPod evolution. On the left is a 5GB 1st generation, from back when they were Mac-only and had a mechanical scroll wheel. It still works, mostly. Its HD got a little bit flaky, so, after a year and a half, it was replaced by a 15GB 3rd generation, the all-touch-panel model. It also still works, but its battery lasts only about an hour and, after nearly 3 years, it is feature sparse compared to the current offering (larger display, video, photos, adjustable audiobook playback, etc).

So it was time to upgrade. I told myself I would resist the urge to get a new pod until the capacity was 80GB or greater, so TA DA. There it is. It’s going to be fun.

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