In the Minority Report: Disappointment

Minority Report, the 2002 film and it’s accompanying score, are both somewhat disappointing. The normally spirited chemistry between Señor Spielbergo and his personal maestro, Johnny William-san, turns into a cinematic and orchestral mush.

Yeah, like the film, it’s dark and complex and quite technically proficient. But it lacks that certain gravitas that one expects from a Williams’ score.

This is surprising; the dystopian-future themes and settings of the previous year’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence would seem to lend themselves to further musical exploration. Yet, the score to A.I. is one of Williams’ all-time masterpieces while Minority Report is rather forgettable. It’s further surprising considering that the new-millennium has been a new golden age for the composer.

In the end though, I’ve had Minority Report for four years and I’m still struggling to appreciate it. Thus, i’m disappointed to say that this is one score that will soon be leaving my library.

2 thoughts on “In the Minority Report: Disappointment

  1. Can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain that Philip K. Dick, noted sci-fi writer and all-around paranoid curmudgeon, didn’t write a sequel to M.R., so any new film would have to be a completely new creation. Also, a quick google search reveals nothing about a new Minority Report except this themed pre-cog “review” of a sequel.

    But since you liked the story and its ideas, I recommend you check out some of Dick’s writing; it’s all dark and angst-filled. A couple other films have been made based on his work as well, notably Blade Runner, Paycheck and this year’s A Scanner Darkly


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