A Grand Celestial Music

Quite the musical week here at tunequest. A little more than usual.

First the Ratatat show, now a symphony performance. The Atlanta Symphony put in a wonderful performance of Holst’s Planets. From the raw power of Mars to the ethereal ambiance of Nepture, the orchestra dispatched all seven symphonic poems with passion and exuberance. "Wow", I say "Wow."

Parts of Mercury felt a little bit off, but it could have just been the acoustic of the hall (which honestly aren’t that good; let’s hope the new hall gets built soon). It didn’t matter though; by the end of Mars, I was willing to forgive just about any mis-step. The full force of the orchestra performing only a few feet away literally gave me chills. Man, it was good.

I’m stoked for this ASO season.

2 thoughts on “A Grand Celestial Music

  1. i’m confused. you were willing to forgive the missteps in mercury (the 3rd movement, i think) by the end of mars (the 1st movement)? huh? explain, por favor.


  2. What I meant to say was that the performance of Mars was so fucking good that it didn’t matter what happened after that. I was so jazzed at that point.


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