Bjork: I Go Humble

i go humble

B-side from the single Isobel (1995)

I’ve never been in love with Bjork’s music. To be sure, Bjork is a consummate artist and I do enjoy and have much respect for the majority of her work; I’ve just never been part of the “Bjork-is-untouchable” group. But if I were to become part of that club, it would be because of this song.

I Go Humble never fails to send me into a state of trance-like bliss.

There’s something in the earnest subjugation of her voice, the spacey electronic melodies and the disjointed-but-smooth percussion that just captivate me for its entire five minute length every time I listen to it. It has done that for the past ten years.


What I Love: Everything about it dammit.

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6 thoughts on “Bjork: I Go Humble

  1. Couldn’t get the clip to play. Is it possible to put where the link is located in a follow up. Thanks.


    tunequest Reply:

    Hmm, that’s strange, Dave. I’ve never had a complaint about the audio player. What system/browser are you using?

    Anyway, turns out that has a full streaming version available, so I’ve replaced my audio with theirs. Hope you enjoy it.


    Dave Reply:

    Ok sorry about that but its working now. Mac/G4/Safari/10.3.5. That might have been the problem. It was just buffering the song but like I mentioned its playing fine now.

    Back to the song in question Bjork sounds the same (even Sugarcube songs). Her vocal style is unique and either you’re a fan of not. Its all about her producers/djs that can change the sound slightly.


    tunequest Reply:

    Oh, I consider myself a fan (I’ve got collections of singles and b-sides), it’s just that there seems to be the cult-of-bjork that considers everything she does to be impeccable and beyond reproach. I’m not a part of that.

    She does have some damn good music though.


    As for browser, I’ve never tested it with Safari 1 (from Panther). I do suppose that could have been the problem.


    kris Reply:

    it goes with safari..
    i’m listening to it right now..

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