The tunequest half way point

So today, July 22, marks the half way point of tunequest in terms of calendar days. And while I’m a little behind overall, it doesn’t look as bad as I was projecting a couple weeks ago. The count shows a deficit of roughly 500 songs, which seems like a lot. However, the time count shows about a 10 hour deficit.

Some quick math tells me that the average song length will be 5% less on the back end of the project, which should help accelerate the number count.

In any case, it’s been a great five and a half months getting to know the songs in my library more fully. And I can quantify that progress. From the about page:

After 3.5 Years of itunes statistics, 9597 songs (65%) had never been played or only played once. Further analysis revealed that 10% of the songs were responsible for 49% of the play counts.

As of today, which includes 4 years of stat collecting, I can say that 7622 songs have a playcount of 0 or 1. That’s now 54% of my total library, a 11% improvement. Also, the top 10% of my songs are now responsible for 42% of the my total plays. It’s still a large disparity, but there’s been a marked improvement.

And honestly, given the rules of the tunequest, I may listen to every song in my library, but that will still leave about 5700 songs with a count of 1, so the lowest that first indicator will get is 40%.

As for the top 10%, the lowest they’ll go is 35%.

But hey, I’m really having too much fun with this project to worry that much about the numbers. So here’s to more another 5 and a half months of great music listening.

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