Jerry Goldsmith’s genius: The Russia House

The Russia House - Jerry Goldsmith

Always the maestro; always the master. The track is Introductions from The Russia House. Jazzy and smooth, Goldsmith plays it cool for you. I generally find the timbre of a solo saxophone rather grating. Plus, it’s usually too “adult contemporary/smooth jazz” *ahem-kennyG-ahem* for my tastes. But that melody that starts around 2:11 is addictive as all get out. Pure genius.


3 thoughts on “Jerry Goldsmith’s genius: The Russia House

  1. It’s a WordPress plugin called Audio Player that’s basically a Flash wrapper for an mp3 file. Since your site is on, I’m not sure it will work for you but you could check it out anyway. Maybe there’s a modified version.

    Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed that anecdote about Jerry.

    ps- I left this comment on your blog as well.


  2. thank you for the quick reply. i was looking for an email to ask but that worked.

    the word “anecdote” that you left – a perfectly good word will now haunt me. 🙂

    “When a man fell into his anecdotage it was a sign for him to retire from the world.” Benjamin Disraeli


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