I embarrassingly still have this

get born

I listened to jet's get born this morning (well, selections from it). And despite the fact that i know they're just a crappy band with one good song not a great song, mind you, I haven't yet brought myself to get rid of the album. parts of it are long gone, particularly the awful beatles-imitation ballads.

on that, i envision a scene like this unfolding in the recording studio: dons an australian accent

boys, i've been listening to the record and, it sounds good, but we simply rock way too much. we need to up our wuss-factor with some slow tempo pianos and crappier lyrics that usual. you in?

bloody right. chicks dig wusses.

cheap shot, i know. but i can't escape the feeling that the group is a bunch of ponces. which is why i'm slightly embarassed to still have retained 7 songs from the album. don't hold it against me, ok?

besides, 'are you gonna be my girl?' still kinda rocks, just not in a 5 star way.

Jet - Get Born - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

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