iTunesRegistry is now open source


The ultimate in iTunes statistics and library analysis is once again live and on faster/better hardware. Yes, my music-listening friends, the iTunesRegistry is back and better than ever.

Faster processing, more graphs, interesting facts. The works.

It’s open source to boot. The site runs on PHP+MYSQL and now you too can grab the code, muck with it and enhance it on your own. Mac users can probably run it locally using their built-in versions of Apache.

If you’ve not seen the site before, head on over and create an account. Then upload your iTunes XML and let the statistics begin!

2 thoughts on “iTunesRegistry is now open source

  1. Seems to be gone, haven’t been able to access it for a week or two


    tunequest Reply:

    I noticed that over the weekend. Hadn’t been by in a while and decided to see how the site was shaping up and, well couldn’t.

    Surprisingly the site doesn’t even appear in google search results and there is no google cache. I wonder how long i site has to be down before that happens.

    Even the wayback machine doesn’t have an archive after early may.

    I know the site has had server problems in the past, but here’s hoping it’ll be back soon.


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