Lovage: The most common word in my iTunes Library

According to Super Analyser for iTunes, the most common word in the song titles of my library is "love."

Unfortunately, the program doesn’t tell how it generates that number. Does it include variations like “lovely,” “loves” and “lover”? Probably not. It’s probably a straight-up word-pattern match.

Still, that result surprises me. Certainly it filters out “a,” “an,” “the,” “that,” etc, but I would have expected some kind of standard nomenclature to take that top spot. Something like “mix,” “remix” or “version.”

After doing my own quick analysis using iTunes’ search box (song names only), I find this:

  • Love (252) – loves (6) – lover (17) – lovely (5) = 224 songs.
  • Mix (376) – remix (155) = 221 songs

So it is neck and neck. Of course, those numbers are not quite 100% accurate. There are undoubtedly a handful more combinations and variations that I missed. But for now, “Love” is the reigning champion of my iTunes library.

The question is: What’s yours? Download Super Analyser for iTunes to find out. It runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

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