Michael Jackson, P.Y.T.

Here’s today’s song of the day. Michael Jackson’s Pretty Young Thing from Thriller. For all Michael’s recent problems, the fact remains he was absolutely amazing in his time. Thriller, Off the Wall and to a lesser extent, Bad are still phenomenal albums.

I like the quasi-funk backing on this song. Groove it.


Michael Jackson - Thriller - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Oh, and tomorrow is Halloween; you know what that means.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, P.Y.T.

  1. Its really ironic that MJ’s last toour was named “THIS IS IT” and it turned out to be just that. The video he did was in respect of how even during this time in our history, people still judged a book by its cover wothout knowing the contents iinside….and still people do just that…..even today. Its a shame that Michael had to carry that burden with him to his grave. (I apologize for that on behalf of everyone.) I am always reminded of your YOU ARE NOT ALONE song and I feel that we will never be alone from you. Thank You MJ


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