Original Star Trek on iTunes Store now

UPDATE March 26: After nearly a two month stint of being offline at the iTunes Store, the Star Trek TOS is back. The complete first season is available in its original broadcast form. Additionally, newly remastered episodes from the first season are available in their own section. iTunes is still the only source for them in their uncut form.


Episodes of the original Star Trek are now available on the iTunes Store. As if you needed Star Trek in another medium. Still, if you just can’t live without your Trek-to-go and don’t feel like encoding them yourself, 2 bucks an episode isn’t too bad. So far it’s only the first season but I’d expect the later ones soon. The image quality isn’t too bad either (based on the preview snippet at least).

And since the new "enhanced" episodes haven’t finished airing yet, my guess is that they’re the original cuts.

5 thoughts on “Original Star Trek on iTunes Store now

  1. Ah yes, the “infamous” Vulcan inner eye lid. How the hell McCoy didn’t know that is, well, just bad writing.

    Bonus trivia: Voyager’s Bride of Chaotica! is the only other Trek episode with an exclamation point in the title.


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