Cosmic Wonder: Songs like this are why I can’t decide about Puffy (amiyumi)


Puffy Amiyumi is a very mixed bag musically. Despite the girls’ massive popularity in Japan (and moderate success in the States), I often find myself highly conflicted about their music. I can’t decide whether it’s superficial pop or subtle Japanese brilliance. Some of it is downright annoying and I occasionally consider purging it from the library.

But damn, these girls like to toy with my emotions, and put together something wonderful. With flashes of inspiration like this, I can’t help but give them another chance.


The song is COSMIC Wonder from the album Spike.

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Wonder: Songs like this are why I can’t decide about Puffy (amiyumi)

  1. I had an annoying/enlightening experience with Puffy ami yumi’s Spike the other day, where it got mixed in with Elvis Costello’s Spike and it was alternating songs.

    Anyhow, I agree they are a mixed bag, but I”m a sucker for a totally power-pop song like Love So Pure epecially in contrast with the Japanese version Violet … then I really can’t stand a song like Boogie Woogie #5.


  2. I saw Elvis C. perform with the Atlanta Symphony a few months ago, even though I’m not all that familiar with his music. Interesting show; neat guy though not really my style.

    And I had no idea that Violet was a an alternate version. I don’t have the album that Love So Pure is on. Even so, I didn’t really care for it in the first place; it was one of handful of songs that I purged from my library the other day.

    Also, Boogie Woogie 5 is just so darn cheerful, I can’t help but like it. Plus that japano-jungle chant makes me want to dance. Dif’rent strokes I guess.


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