Star Trek sold out at iTunes Store?

UPDATE March 26: After nearly a two month stint of being offline at the iTunes Store, the Star Trek TOS is back. The complete first season is available in its original broadcast form. Additionally, newly remastered episodes from the first season are available in their own section. iTunes is still the only source for them in their uncut form.


star trek on itunes

Star Trek tv shows are suddenly missing from the iTunes Store. Both the Original Series and Enterprise are completely gone. The movies are still there though. I wonder what’s up with that.

A quick scouring of the internet doesn’t turn up any information, so who knows.. Maybe the store is just out of stock… 🙂

Seriously though, this is surprising. I don’t have any figures, but I bet the shows were selling well. Especially the new remastered episodes that were available. The iTunes Store was the only place to download uncut versions of select remastered episodes.

According to the boards at, the eps were pulled for a “technical reason.” We’re left to speculate what that actual reason was, but it would be pretty swell if CBS and Apple were building a Star Trek portal/store-within-a-store/wormhole inside iTunes.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek sold out at iTunes Store?

  1. Not sure either. I was lucky enough to buy the whole season last week. Am still downloading them even though they are not listed…


    tunequest Reply:

    That is an interesting little tidbit. The files are still there to be downloaded, but not available for browsing or purchase. hmmmm…..

    It would not surprise me if an actual “Star Trek Store” were to be unveiled in the next few days and the episodes were pulled as a publicity stunt.


  2. No, that makes sense. They already sold it to Batman. He’s just downloading it after his purchase. They can’t (or won’t?) currently sell it. I assume/hope it’ll be back in a different edition or something soon? I wanted to see the Amok Time remastered episode!


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