this midway island earth

halfway kang and kodos

I reached another tunequest milestone today at 7:48 pm, officially crossing the halfway point of this journey. Pictured above are screenshots of the playlists i use to keep track of my progress. even though the song count is off by 364, you can see that the total time for the played group is slightly higher than the songs remaining. Unless I end up adding significantly more music to my library in the coming months, it should be all down hill from here.

To which I say: Hooray.

and just in case you’re curious, the song that took me over the hump was Alf Clausen’s Kang and Kodos theme from The Simpsons’ Treehouse of horror series.

One thought on “this midway island earth

  1. after i posted that, i took another look at the numbers and was forced to see some perspective. basically, i got a glimpse of the enormity of this entire project. to think that i’ve spent almost the entire year working on this and i’ve only gotten to the 50% mark. it makes me think that the second part might be quite daunting indeed.


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