First Contact Complete: Jerry Goldsmith is da man

I'm continuing the tunequest at work, listening to the bonus tracks portion of the Star Trek First Contact score by the ever-illustrious Jerry Goldsmith, whose talents and I don't really need to say this are legendary. I found this bootleg online about 3 years ago, around the same time a lot of other of his Star Trek "complete scores" bootlegs were making some rounds on the internet.

At just shy of 2 hours long, the bootleg nearly doubles the amount of music from the official 1996 album. In addition to the complete score, the bootleg contains 13 bonus tracks, such as alternate takes and cues that were not used in the published version. The best part however, is the final bonus track. It's a raw recording session of the First Contact overture, complete with orchestral chattering and warm up. I enjoy this piece because of its lack of polish; it's a straight-up live performance. and it *sounds* great. the extra ambient noise and talking give it a real you-are-there feel.

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