In review: for the week ending may 6, 2006

stats: 344 songs played for a total of 20hrs 53min 26sec of music. 24 additional songs were removed from my library for various reasons while i added none, for a net progress of 368 songs.

i’m actually surprised by the amount of progress i made this week. i didn’t get the chance to listen to anything last sunday and friday wasn’t much better. the rest of the work week just felt slow. but i can’t argue with the data; tunequest is on track for my end-of-year goal.

in site news, the weekly graph has been updated, though there won’t be a new projection until next weekend.

and if you’re terribly interested, the album list for the week is on the flip.

lists are boring..

  • fumio hayasaka [the seven samurai]
  • dennis mcarthy [tng: encounter at farpoint]
  • u.n.k.l.e. [psyence fiction]
  • y tu mama tambian soundtrack
  • nobukazu takemura [child’s view: funfair]
  • aarhus symphony performing vagn holmboe’s symphony no 1, op 4
  • hans zimmer [gladiator]
  • chicago underground trio [flamethrower]
  • christopher franke [babylon 5: shadow dancing]       
  • koichi sugiyama [dragon warrior symphonic suite]
  • the refreshments [fizzy fuzzy big & buzzy]       
  • r.e.m. [fables of the reconstruction]
  • akira ifukube [destroy all monsters]       
  • alan silvestri [back to the future iii]   
  • royal scottish national orchestra performing dvorak’s symphony no 2
  • the dismemberment plan [emergency & i]
  • oslo philharmonic orchestra performing mahler’s symphony no 1 "titan"
  • mogwai [ep+2]
  • the smashing pumpkins [adore demos]
  • les baxter [baxter’s best]
  • foo fighters [foo fighters]
  • all tomorrows parties 1.1
  • john barry [from russia with love]
  • futurama mixes
  • pizzicato five [five by five]
  • southern culture on the skids [ditch diggin’]
  • new york philharmonic orchestra performing mahler’s symphony no 5
  • christopher franke [babylon 5: interludes and examinations]
  • aarhus symphony orchestra performing vagn holmboe’s symphony no 2
  • michael jackson [bad single]
  • autechre [envane]
  • william shatner [free enterprise]
  • chris isaak [forever blue]

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