New Tunequest Feature: Song of the Day

I probably should have thought of this sooner, but I didn’t have this nifty new WordPress plugin that let’s me easily embed audio files into my posts until the other day. Of course, the primary premise of Tunequest is that I’m spending the year listening to all 14,000+ songs in my iTunes library. Until recently, I didn’t really have a way to share some of that music.

So, starting today I will be including a song from each day’s playlist in a post to the site. There’s 73 days left in the year, so expect about 73 songs (though probably fewer; there are some days where I don’t get the chance to listen to anything).

The debut song is Kind Hearted Woman Blues by Robert Johnson.


I’m not much of a blues fan. Nothing against it; in fact I respect the blues and blues musicians a great deal. I just can’t listen to much of it at a time the exception being blues bars. Live blues is something to behold.

It’s probably fitting then, that I’ve gone to the source with Johnson’s Complete Recordings. It’s undeniably classic and quite moving. And come to think of it, I probably don’t need any other blues records. It’s all right here.

Find it on Robert Johnson - Robert Johnson: The Complete Recordings - Kind Hearted Woman Blues