In review: for the week ending may 13, 2006.

stats: 262 songs played for 19 hours and 22 minutes of listening time. 6 songs were added this week (new tracks from stereolab’s fab four suture) and a whopping 81 songs were removed from the library, for a net progress of 337 songs, which is excellent progress indeed. the graphs have been updated for the week, and for the first time, the projections actually seem to suggest that i’ll be able to listen to all these songs by year’s end. in fact, the current trendline estimates that i’ll finish around the first of december.

complete list of this week’s albums is on the flip.

  • the breeders [divine hammer] single
  • gustav holst’s st. paul’s suite
  • stan getz [getz – gilberto]
  • berlin philharmonic performing tchaikovsky’s serenade for strings
  • yoko kanno [cowgirl ed]
  • new york philharmonic performaning mahler’s symphony 4
  • godspeed you black emperor [f# a# infinity]
  • aphex twin [drukqs]
  • velocity girl [copecatic]
  • leningrad philharmonic performing tchaikovsky’s symphony 5
  • jet [get born]
  • tortoise [gamera]
  • elmer bernstein [ghostbusters]
  • christopher franke [babylon 5: falling toward apotheosis]
  • christopher franke [babylon 5: objects at rest]
  • Dennis McCarthy [deep space nine Emissary]
  • styrofoam [ep2]
  • seatbelts [live performance from cowboy bebop cd-box]
  • royal philharmonic performing rachmaninov’s symphony 2
  • lithops [didot]
  • jerry goldsmith [star trek first contact bootleg bonus tracks]
  • soundgarden [fell on back days] single
  • philharmonia orchestra performing debussy’s la mer
  • christopher franke [babylon 5: the fall of night]
  • rufus wainwright [poses]
  • pj harvey [to bring you my love]
  • they might be giants [lincoln]
  • moby [play: the b-sides]
  • howard shore [the return of the king]

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