Using our console. To order Reliant. To lower her shields.

Enterprise Reliant Standoff

As geeky as this sounds, there was once a point in time when I could recite the accompanying dialogue and sound effects in sequence with this composition. It’s music from The Wrath of Khan, the scene where the Enterprise has been crippled by Khan’s surprise attack and Captain Kirk must stall for time in an attempt to deliver a retaliatory blow to the Reliant (the ship Khan has commandeered).

It’s an exciting scene through-out and the tension slowly builds to an explosive climax, helped to tremendous effect by a near-perfect score. From a James Horner album that’s actually good, here’s Kirk’s Explosive Reply.


3 thoughts on “Using our console. To order Reliant. To lower her shields.

  1. As geeky as it sounds, yep, I do the same thing.

    “You have to understand [dramatic pause] why things work on a starship.”

    “I have given you no word to keep, Admiral. In my judgment, you simply have no alternative.”

    Terrific stuff!


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