Yeah, What They Said 5/30

Yeah, What They Said, pointers to interesting stories. Some people call it “link sharing.”

“Same great Pabst taste, without the beer.” PBR bottled water, available in China:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Bottled Water from Dave Nemetz on Vimeo.

Pi (π) played on a piano
Each digit 1-9 is assigned a note and 0 is a quarter rest.

Cumulative advantage
Some things remain popular because they are popular. As the popularity of something increases, the likelihood that its popularity will continue to increase becomes greater. “If all those people like it, it must be good.” The notion has been common sense for years, but now there’s scientific data pointing toward it.

Album Covers Separated at Birth
There are no new ideas. Pages and pages of album covers that are strikingly similar in concept and execution.

A tip calculator for iPod. It’s not free, but it looks cool. I used to have a tip calculator on an old cell phone and have been missing it for years, so this intrigues me.

Day Trip: Atlanta, Home of the Braves
I live in Atlanta, so I enjoyed this visitors’ travelogue about a day in the city, even though it’s mostly about baseball and other trivia. Did you know that the kazoo was invented in Macon? Oh, and no one calls it “Hotlanta” unless they’re being deliberately obtuse.

The Strokes have produced a music video short film for their single You Only Live Once. It’s very “sci-fi” and a good song to boot:

2 thoughts on “Yeah, What They Said 5/30

  1. Neat Strokes video, right up my alley with all my seventies sci fi watching:

    Good song too. Although, every time I hear the Strokes I want to dig out Television albums 🙂


    tunequest Reply:

    Yeah, around here the Strokes are usually followed by a dose of Gang of Four. It just puts me in that kind of mood.

    As for the video itself, I’m struck by the similarity of the dour and depressing crisis culture of the 70s to the current worldwide geo-political and environmental situations.

    It’s interesting to note that the above video is actually second one the band made for the song. The first one is similar in theme, but features a pretty direct metaphor for drowning in oil.


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