A defacto hiatus and a short RatingQuest update

Seriously, I don’t mean to be neglecting this place. And perish the thought about it being abandoned. Things have just been busy around tunequestlandia lately. I’ve not had much time to read this month, much less write about anything.

So, how about a quick RatingQuest update?

Of the 16,282 songs in my library, 8,775 have received a star rating. That’s 53.9% Only 7,507 to go for the whole library or 1,225 for my year-end goal of 10,000.

If you’re at all interested, here’s the pie chart of the current ratings breakdown:

ratingquest 071119

It shows basically what I’d expect: the majority of my ratings are what I consider to be “good” songs, pleasant enough to listen to at any given moment, while 10% are exceptional. Note: I don’t use one and two stars for rating purposes.

Anyway, here’s hoping I find the time and energy to get back in the publishing saddle soon. In the meantime, feel free to explore the archives or be adventurous with a random page.

4 thoughts on “A defacto hiatus and a short RatingQuest update

  1. Just stumbled onto this site… and without perusing too much of it, found some similar thoughts on music, and wanted to drop a note on this post in particular.

    my iTunes library is over 11k not including classical and jazz (which is another hard drive altogether), and I decided under two years ago to re-do my rating system (since it was wiped out with a HD migration). I decided there was really no reason to look at it as a real 1-5 kind of thing, since I wasn’t likely to be keeping any 1-star songs, and I felt like I had too many 5’s. hence, I knocked back everything one star to this: 1=below avg, 2=avg, 3=good, 4=great, 5=favorite.

    now I’ve got about 250 5-star songs (and only about 500 songs still unrated), and I’m much happier with it. the old random seed on iTunes still has no respect for my taste, but what can I do…


    tunequest Reply:

    Welcome hipcheck,

    I too decided a long time ago that any song that would rate as a 1 star wasn’t worth keeping around. I certainly don’t need the clutter or hard drive usage of songs I don’t like. So I restrict my qualitive judgements to the 3-5 star range.

    5 = most excellent.
    4 = good and pleasant to listen to.
    3 = not something I’d casually listen to, but kept for completion’s sake or to listen to when the mood strikes.

    See this old post of my rating system for a more detailed explanation and thanks for stopping by!


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