A Frothy Potion: Hedwig Rocks!

One of the advantages of having your own website is that you get to see what keywords are bringing people to it. I recently took notice when somebody stopped by the tunequest looking for "Hedwig’s theme rock version." Being both a fan of both John Williams’ Harry Potter scores and off-beat cover versions, I set out to learn more.

It didn’t take much effort before I had tracked down a copy. Apparently some guys named Andrew and Kenneth of Northern Virginia recorded the theme with what sounds like a standard 4-piece rock band (or some kind of digital equivalent). And while it’s not quite a masterpiece, I do think it is noteworthy. Like if John Williams were writing music for Wyld Stallyns.

Download it here.

9 thoughts on “A Frothy Potion: Hedwig Rocks!

  1. how can i find this version of Hedwig’s theme on itunes?


    tunequest Reply:

    This is a fan-made song, so it’s not available on iTunes. However, I updated the article above to include a link to an mp3 download. Enjoy.


    nathan Reply:

    Damn! That is truly amazing. Setting it as my ringtone!!! I am learning to play guitar myself, could you please tab this for me plz. For personal use of course.

    You ought to video that for youtube and put harry potter vids with it!

    10/10 Congrats.


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