Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar video: Cleverly Hypnotic

In addition to their world-sized beats, The Chemical Brothers are generally known for their world class videos. I stumbled across this video to Star Guitar from the duo’s 2002 release Come With Us while perusing the ol’ Google Video/YouTube library this afternoon and was quickly fascinated.

It was directed by noted film dude Michel Gondry, who’s done some impressive work, including intriguing videos for Bjork, Beck, Radiohead and many other musicians, as well as numerous innovative television commercials. But he’s also responsible for pioneering “bullet time” cinematography, so negative points there.

Of course, the concept of synchronizing visuals with the rhythm of music isn’t exactly new, but the execution here is clever. Though by the end of minute three, you’ve pretty much gotten the point and are ready to move on.

Star Guitar is an awesome song and the video is pretty cool, so enjoy it:

star guitar at itunes store

come with us at amazon

3 thoughts on “Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar video: Cleverly Hypnotic

  1. Man, I love trains and wish I could commute that way. I like to let my mind wander, just watching the terrain roll by. But the ATL has neither the population density nor the infrastructure to support a viable rail system for the immediate future, so I spend far too much time stuck in traffic.

    One of my best travel experiences though was taking Amtrack from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Three days of just watching America. That was awe-inspiring.


  2. Heh, yeah I guess I should appreciate it more – I do get to spend the commute time reading the paper, listening to music, or writing more potential blog posts. But most of the time its not spent looking out the window – which is kind of what that video made me realize.


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