ratatat makes the world a better place

I. am. being. slowly. driven. insane. emphasis on the slowly driven.

Seriously, if you wish to maintain your sanity, do not drive in Atlanta, ever. But especially avoid the interstates. and the access roads. and the side streets. and all intersections.

If you give those places a wide berth, you will find yourself infinitely less frustrated with your life.

But if you cannot manage that, make sure you roll down your windows and crank up the Ratatat. You’ll be humming “germany to germany” Ratatat - Ratatat by the time you walk in the door.


UPDATE: I had been planning on writing how a shortened work-day was another great way to maintain your precious sanity. But when traffic at 2-fucking-p.m. is as bad, nay, worse than it was at 8:30 am, well, no amount of creature comforts can make up for that. Not Ratatat’s crispy beats or their wailing guitars. It’s simply impossible.

No, not even kim deal has the power to save you.

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