Star Trek 2009 and temporal paradoxes: The Beastie Boys Paradox

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The newest Star Trek movie is premised on the idea that a new, alternate timeline is created when Nero’s ship appears and destroys the USS Kelvin at the beginning of the film, killing Jim Kirk’s father and depriving the captain-to-be of the stable childhood he had in the original timeline. Everything before that point remains the same as the established canon; everything after then will develop differently. It’s a solid enough foundation with which to play with the original series’ characters without interfering with all the established stories of the past 40 years. But some extended thinking brings up several questions about and potential paradoxes within the events of this new alternate universe.

Please join me as I devote far too much mental energy to some of these issues.

The Beastie Boys Paradox

In an early scene of the new movie, a young Kirk steals a car and cranks up some Beastie Boys (Sabotage) for a little joy ride.

Now the Beastie Boys have a couple of songs where they make explicit references to Star Trek. Intergalactic features a line about a “pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock” and Brouhaha mentions “Bones McCoy” and “Sulu” by name. The song Ch-Check It Out shouts out Klingons and the video features the Boys dressed as Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

Since we now know that the Beastie Boys exist in the Trekverse, how might the observant future-aficionados and scholars of classic music react to the realization that the rap group are themselves potential time travellers, spinning tunes with oblique nods to events and people in the future?

One thought on “Star Trek 2009 and temporal paradoxes: The Beastie Boys Paradox

  1. Hmm…I guess I never noticed the Star trek references in their songs..good stuff. I’m gonna have to catch it when I watch the concert special that Fuse is airing this Sunday. It’s their 04 concert at MSG I believe. Anyway, they are showing all their performances of their hit songs. I wanna hear some Sabotagggggge! It’s exciting indeed:;jsessionid=m6i2fhmkeuju


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