Welcome 9rules visitors!

This comes as a mild surprise to me insert shallow smirk, but my traffic logs and feed reader tell me that tunequest has been accepted into 9rules. What this means for the site, I don’t know yet. I must admit that I’ve not devoted as much time to the community as I know I should have, because it seems like a most excellent place.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say as this develops, but I look forward to engaging with it and once again, welcome.

4 thoughts on “Welcome 9rules visitors!

  1. Hi Shawn, thanks for the congrats! The more I think about this, the more I realize how much of honor it represents.

    But with this honor comes the responsibility to live up to high expectation. Here’s hoping I’m up to the challenge…

    And I’m glad you like the lights. A little holiday cheer to liven up the place. Though it would be nice if they actually twinkled. Which gets me thinking, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an animated gif on a page background before. Hmmmmm……


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