Soundtrack for yardwork and car mechanicry

Ah, sweet weekend, the first without rain in about 2 months. Naturally it’s time for yardwork. I can finally finish my fall raking, just in time for spring. Even though I actually loathe doing yardwork, it does present much opportunity for music listening. Too bad I didn’t get to take advantage of it; I was too busy fighting an alternator.

Curse those who designed the 1997 pontiac sunfire–my hand got stuck in the freakin’ engine!

Still, I did manage to get in some Add N to (X) [add insult to injury] and mad season. no, not the drivel from Rob Thomas’ band–my library may not always reflect it, but I do have a modicum of taste. I refer, instead, to the worthwhile 1995 grunge side project of Pearl Jam‘s Mike Mcready and Alice in Chains‘ Layne Staley. I literally hadn’t heard the album in years and for the most part, it has held up since i bought it in high school. It’s an order of magnitude better than the much more publicized Temple of the Dog side project.

progress-wise, it seems that recent slacking is taking its toll. I now have to listen to 45 songs per day (up from 44). with an average song length of 4:05 minutes, by my calculations, I should finish with three days to spare. then I can gear up for tunequest 2007!

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