An Attempt at All-Out Bribery

Who doesn’t like free music?

No, no, I would never be so gauche as to advocate illicit file transfers though, who am I to condemn you for it. But you see that light blue Feedburner badge in the sidebar? I’d like to see the number on it start increasing.

So here’s the deal: sign up for the Tunequest RSS feed, and on a regular basis, I’ll point out a link to downloadable mp3s of worth in the feed entries. It could be a new indie rock song, or an old forgotten gem, a live show or a crazy cover version; anything that’s interesting enough to share. The internet is teeming with excellent free music, so I’m certain that everyone wins.

The links will remain available until the entry they’re attached to disappears from the feed.

Plus you’ll continue to get all the music commentary and iTunes/iPod tips you’ve come to know and love.

So if you’ve got a feed reader, point it to or click one of the relevant buttons in the sidebar. There’s already a couple links waiting for you.

6 thoughts on “An Attempt at All-Out Bribery

  1. Cool! Thanks for subscribing. See, I’ve always said that graft pays…

    As for FeedBurner, it’s nice. Shows me the activity the feed receives (# of subscribers, popular posts, etc) and how it has changed over time. My only worry about it is if the company goes out of business or discontinues its free service, then I’ve stranded my subscribers who bookmarked the FB feed rather than the originating WordPress feed.

    There’s a handy WP plugin for FeedBurner that automatically forwards to the FB feed.


  2. cool – always looking for ways to improve stuff on my end.

    The music is not really my cup of tea… but you can’t beat free! I never heard of this mountain goat fellow … so thanks.


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