The attempt at all-out bribery continues, folks

The bribe is that, if you subscribe to the tunequest feed, I’ll use that medium to point you toward free music downloads that are worthy of your attention.

I had been using WordPress’ “Optional Excerpt” to point to the links whenever I wrote a post. But that was proving cumbersome. It unnecessarily tied the posting of links to my own erratic posting schedule and it was requiring me to bookmark and retrieve lists upon lists of those links. Then I had to format the excerpt for the feed version before posting. In short, it was turning into a major pain.

So I’ve outsourced that job to

Starting today, those links will be posted as individual feed entries along side my regular posts. You’ll be able to tell the difference by the [] tag at the end of the title. I can point you to them as I find them, regardless of whether I have a post near completion, which hopefully means more great music for you and less work for me.

Plus, it means you don’t actually have to read my posts in order to get the links…

Go ahead and check the feed. You’ll find a link to my favorite song from 2006.

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